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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I'm not violent you idiotic whore!

Normally, when I surf the internet, I have a tendency to ignore the comments. However, out of curiosity to the human nature of things, I started to read them. In doing so, my eyes were accosted with phrases and words your grandmother would be ashamed existed in the language of humans. Internet violence is an old topic, but it does make me ponder the psychological tendencies of human beings.

Out of all the comments that I read, I would say that over half of them were negative in content. The negative content ranged from a different opinion accompanied by the "your a moron", or similar phrase, to aggravated assault with the the parlor. Since it's not as easy as the game of Clue to name the assailant, because the murderer is always Professor Plum, it seems that many people are ok with letting loose. After all, the fear of repercussion or even punishment is nil.

So, under the premise that people will do bad things if they can get away with it, I began to ponder even more. Is violence truly the human condition? If that was true, then we would surely all be dead. It made me wonder why some people are nice just to be nice. There is no reward for it. There is no fear of being punished if they are not nice.

To be honest with you, I think I am bringing up this issue because I am one of the nice people. I think that verbal aggression online can be just as hurtful as if it was said in person. In many cases, the verbal aggression is unnecessary to make ones point, which leads me to believe that some people just like being aggressive with others. It seems that the ability to empathize with other humans has been cut off because of the anonymity of the internet.

I do have hope that this will change though. As people spend more of their lives "connected", the development of relationships on a more personal level over the internet will increase. While "comment rage”, as I will deem it, is mostly unaccepted in concept it is also little enforced. I believe that outbursts in comments will become less accepted as the time spent connected to other people increases. It is a proven fact that the overall violence of the world is slowly decreasing.

I also wonder if people take the violent comments seriously anymore. It is my hope that people ignore or chastise the violent person for being so over reactive. Even ignoring these comments sends a message that is is unacceptable. There is a person behind every screen name, and its not necessary to be that way. Nor is violence generally helpful. Putting people in a defensive train of thought prior to asking what you want or trying to persuade them is a sure way to failure.

As my boyfriend put it, just be happy that people aren't as ready to punch someone on the street as they are ready to write a nasty comment. There was once a time where this kind of physical violence was conducted, but it has phased out of public acceptance due to repercussions of this behavior. Hopefully, internet violence will phase out also in this way. Internet security can be improved by better monitoring and peer to peer pressure to stop being overly violent.

Later.... Mother Fuckers! lol