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Friday, December 5, 2008

A license to have kids

Why not? Let's start with a few facts:

It has been proven through statistics that educated people have smaller families, that intelligent women have fewer children and have them later in life, and earth only has so many resources.

With these ideas I soon came to the conclusion that less intelligent women were giving birth more frequently than educated women. This means that an uneducated women may become pregnant in her teens and become a grandma in her 30's (children tend to follow parental examples). An educated woman may become pregnant in her 20's and become a grandma in her 40's. This means that uneducated people are reproducing at a faster rate than educated people.

Although, I would like to state that the availability of the internet seems to be raising the average IQ...YAY for the internet. I don't think it makes up for apathetic underage teens becoming pregnant though.

So what do I gather? The uneducated people are taking over! They are reproducing themselves at a faster rate than educated people. This I find highly disturbing since eventually the educated people will call all the shots and situations like ENRON can happen again. It would be nice if the entire population was able to at least research and come to their own intelligent decisions. This way manipulation of the less fortunate is less likely to happen.

There are also some issues with longer life that I want to talk about. We are approaching medical breakthroughs that lengthen the average life span drastically. If you life longer...then you have a longer chance to reproduce. The planet is already over populated and I think its safe to say that given longer life spans and no regulation about child birth, that the planet would run out of resources quickly.

How do we fix this? We require a license to produce children that would include requirements like these to be met:

1. There must be proof that at least one parent has the minimum of a bachelors degree.

2. Proof that both parents have budgeted and planned to have a child and take care of it.

3. Require both possible parents to pass a child raising class similar to driver's education to teach the basics.

4. Both parents should be required to pass first aid and CPR.

5. Neither of the parents can be on welfare.

6. Parents are required to keep up their education with at least on extra class every two years.

7. Both parents must be free of sexually transmitted diseases.

8. Birth control would be dispensed free of charge to any one of any age. Especially to the teens...cause they are the ones having spurious births in the first place.

Of course this raises some issues:

1. Gay rights enemies will be upset because there may be two parents of the same sex. But that is really not the concern as long as the child does not suffer psychological trauma from the parent's relationship.

2. People believe that their body is there own, and that they can have kids if they want to without government approval. I have a problem with this because your life affects the world and this train of thought neglects "social responsibility". That is, we have the responsibility to keep the planet going. We have the responsibility to make sure that under educated people are not consuming all resources with out being mentally capable to give back. Besides, no one should give you the right to have as many babies as you want if they aren't going to be taken care of anyways!

3. Many rights activists who are radical will revolt to this notion because they will legally be no longer under the control of their own body. Let me ask you this...Can you take a shit on the public sidewalk? Nope! i bet you get thrown in jail or cited. But because people will be mad, there will be a baby boom. This will cause many children to be born outside of the guidelines as a result. However, the requirements can be an effective hindrance to help lower the over all population.

4. Accidents happen. People misuse condoms and forget to take birth control pills. But as before, the requirements are a hindrance.

5. Enforcement, what is to be done with those who break the regulations? Mass murder of innocent people born in an ignorant household is unacceptable. Jail time for the parents and adoption for the children is feasible. Although...requiring the parents to comply with the regulations in a set amount if time is best.

6. Low income people will claim the inability to obtain an education due to lack of finances. To them, I say, community college...If you can't afford it then why are you having kids in the first place?

7. Educational debt may sky rocket in the country and tuition may increase. But the outcome will be a more educated work force and specialized labor and people able to obtain higher paying jobs. This is because people take extra classes that interest them, or benefit them the most. If the entire populations IQ increases, then there are literally more people who are capable of creating higher paying jobs for others.

Think about it…
Anybody who wants a healthy child is most likely already doing these things. It might seem a bit Hitlerish now, but wait till we have longer life spans and a bunch of bumbling idiots, who don't give back to society, that the planet has to feed.